High Capacity Transporting Quantity 40 ft HQ Container

50mm: 1021m2 // 75mm: 680m2 // 100mm: 535m2 // 125mm: 437m2

Advantages of allxwall

1. Lightweight: 300-350kg/m³, 26kg/m2 (d:75mm)

2. ECO-friendly: Energy saving, non-toxic, asbestos free. 

3. Fast&Quick installation: 2 workers install 150 m2/day(8h)

4. Labor cost saving: fewer workers, and build more fast.

5. Thermal Insulation: Summer cool, Winter warm inside of building, 

6. Fire proof: 4 hours against of 1000ºC high temperature.

7. Anti-seismic: earthquake resistance can reach to 8 magnitudes.

8. Long life-span: More than 70 years.

9. Water-proof: no drop down stand alone.

10. Voice: Perfect Acoustic insulation and absorption.


Floor: Keep warm in room with under floor heating, absorbs voice of foot knocking downstairs, no more loading to building cause of lightweight.

Finishing: Directly install tiles, marble, parquet, floor heating etc....

Roof: Light weight, heat insulation, sound proof, water proof, wind proof, safe & durable.

Finishing: Same like traditional roofing system

Interior Wall: Sound insulation, fire proof, convenient for pipe groove and water pipe inbuilt, easy decoration, saving space, high hanging force, no more plaster.

Finishing: Gypsum plaster 5mm, directly wall paper installing

Exterior Wall: Solid, high bonding strength, stable performance, suitable compressive strength, anti-crack, weather resistance.

Finishing: Mesh with Cement plaster or Decorative plaster with painting

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