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CLC System A.Ş. has been founded from 2017 as Cellular Lightweight Concrete producing machine manufacturer in ISTANBUL.  After lots of producing and customer experiences decided to produce wall panel from Dec. 2019 . After 6 months our R&D department completed a Perfect wall panel which brand is "allXwall".

Ertuğrul KARAKUŞ

Co-Founder | CEO 


After bachelor degree he worked lots Precast GRC project as Technical manager. He researched how to use CLC (Cellular lightweight concrete) as precast wall. He worked freelance about 5 years to establish Foam Concrete system in different countries. Then He decided to establish own company to develop CLC business. He decide to set up a company from 2017 with a partner which is Machinery technician. from 2017 to 2019 He found lots of client over the world to delivery Foam Concrete technology. After this experience He level up full force the own company for EPS foam concrete wall technology.